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Jan. 2019
Scout Jan. 12th, 2019

NCCU Football Stadium   Stand-in for PITT spot

Scout Jan 10, 2019

UNC Chapel Hill Dean Smith Center aka/ "Dean Dome"- Includes weight room for the NOTRE DAME spot and practice court and various support space

UNC Chapel Hill Baseball Stadium- Gates for WAKE FOREST spot

UNC Chapel Hill Kenan Football Stadium- Includes guest locker room, large weight/training room (For NOTRE DAME spot and gates for WAKE FOREST spot.

Scout Jan 9, 2019

Duke Cameron Indoor Stadium and K-Vill

Scout Jan 8, 2019

NCSU Free Expression Tunnel

NCSU Basketball Practice/Athletic Facility

NCSU Reynolds Coliseum (Women's Basketball Court) 
For UVA "Good Ole Song"

Please note that images from file can be several years old; The look may have changed, the owners may have changed or otherwise be unavailable.

CROSSFIT GYMS from 2016 (in Triangle Area) For NOTRE DAME spot

Invoke Crossfit

Crossfit Goliath

Raleigh Crossfit

Capital Fitness

Athletic Lab

Crossfit Durham (2015)

Football Stadiums for University of PITTSBURG  "light it up" spots

Durham County Memorial Stadium (County owner, non-branded)

NC Central Track (and Football Stadium) located in Durham